Nimos Farm Fields


Nimos owns and operates an outlet at the Wholesale Market in Obour city, north of Cairo, where we market products from our own orchards as well as specialty products of others.

Packaging is adaptable and versatile to meet the demands of supermarkets, greengrocers, suppliers of hotels and restaurants as well as the individual customer.

We also deliver directly to retail outlets and home-deliver in greater Cairo.



To meet the demand of the local market for exotic and out of season fruits we are importing a number of fruits and vegetables and offering these products at our shop in the Obour Wholesale market to suppliers of hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and greengrocers.
We also deliver directly to retailers as well as home-deliver to individual customers.

Foremost amongst these products are Lychees from South Africa and Avocado from Kenya.

We are interested in increasing the variety of imported fruits and vegetables that we can offer on the Egyptian market.



  • Nimos is a pioneer in the export of Egyptian Table Grapes since the early 1990’s.
    Our main receivers are UK supermarkets and leading European companies. We have started to supply markets in Russia as well.

    Our exports of Table Grapes in 2008 were 1200kg of the seedless varieties Flame, Thompson and Sugraone as well as the black seeded variety Ribier (Alphonse Lavallee).

    Nimos has Globalgap and Tesco’s Nature’s Choice Accreditation and meets the specifications set yearly by the leading supermarkets.
    Nimos Engineering & Agricultural Development Company is a registered member of the Sedex site for Supplier Ethical Trading Data Exchange.

  • Both Sweet Onions and Mild Onions, red, white and gold are exported to Europe.
    The Onion season starts in April and extends until the end of June.

  • Nimos Valencia and Naval Oranges of superior quality are supplied yearly to Egyptian Citrus Packhouses for export.

  • Nimos has the potential and the interest in exporting other products from itís orchards and is willing to enter into Business-to-Business arrangements with importers looking for Egyptian fruits and vegetables.

  • Nimos owns a large 2500 m2 pack house that is in the process of being converted into a state-of-the-art pack house with 7 pre-coolers and 5 cold storage areas. Land is available for future expansion when needed.

    Using the latest technology and professional expertise, both in the field and in the packhouse, we aim to provide a high quality Product. We guarantee this by offering customized pre-packaging, stringent quality control and complete traceability.